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River Bandits say CV Field will be ready

By raidergreg69
1/15/2017 6:45 am
Dayton River Bandits President of Football Operations Art Vandelay announced today that Cousin Vinny's Pizzeria Field will be ready in time for the Grand Opening Game vs. San Francisco Aug. 5, 2017.

Vandelay went on to say CV Field is currently 80% complete, with only minor work ahead besides installation of the field turf. That installation is scheduled to be completed this June in time for the River Bandits Open House which runs from June 30th thru July 3rd.

Daytonians were fearful the CV Field Project would affect the annual July 3rd Riverscape Fireworks Show given how the stadium now sits on the launching site and the surrounding development down the Great Miami River associated with this project makes simply moving it unsafe. Vandelay announced the fireworks will be launched from the parking lot adjacent to the west side of CV Field and the public will be allowed to view the show from inside the stadium. The twin Jumbotrons will simulcast the show and the stadium's PA system will air 104.7 WTUE FM's Fireworks Medley musical accompaniment.

The team received initial public backlash when it was announced CV Field would have a retractable roof as many fans feel football is an outside sport and roofs have no business being on stadiums. While Vandelay echoed those sentiments he went on to say CV Field was designed for more than football and a roof was necessary for year round use. The initial cost of a retractable roof is twice that of a fixed roof but that will be offset by the additional event bookings over the winter months. Redsfest 2018 will have it's Dayton stop at CV Field's Convention Center next January.

Vandelay also announced that training camp for the River Bandits will be held at Wilmington College. Wilmington, which once hosted Bengals training camp before they moved to Georgetown, KY, won out over Ohio University, UC, UD, and Wright St. When pressed, Vandelay wouldn't get specific other than suggesting UD and Wright St were too close to home. He did praise Wilmington for the wonderful job they did hosting the Bengals from 1968 - 1996 and said the city of Wilmington deserved better than they've got the last decade.

River Bandits HC Leslie Weaver had harsh words for a reporter after hearing what he felt was one too many roster questions when asked who his starting QB would be. "How the &^%$ do you expect me to answer a stupid ass question like that when half my &^%$ing team hasn't even been &^%$ing drafted yet? Can I at least get a full roster and have a training camp to figure that &^%$ing sh^t out?"

I have a feeling that no matter what happens on the field, River Bandit press conferences are going to end up on sports shows around the country. You never know what's going to come out of Weaver's mouth.

Re: River Bandits say CV Field will be ready

By raidergreg69
1/15/2017 6:51 am
Yes I know celebrating July 4th on the 3rd is stupid but that's how Dayton rolls lol, seriously. All the surrounding communities have July 4th fireworks and Dayton wants those people to come downtown to their Riverfest so several years ago they began doing their crap on July 3rd every year. I just live here.